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Hazing reaches new levels on the porn site Haze Her. Here, girls will do anything and everything to get accepted into a particular sorority. The best thing is, you get to watch all of what is going on.

Whether it is a line up of young hopefuls with their legs wide open showing off their tight ass-holes, or a group of pleasing young chicks sitting on dildos for the sorority sisters to see. This is kinky and heady stuff, but once you have seen what goes on here, I doubt you will ever leave!

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Haze Her claims to have footage from real hazings, whether you believe that or not is pointless, the stuff is so hot. With a 10, 000 prize for the best haze videos my guess is that some is real some has been done by amateur porn actors. Either way, you could be watching the real thing. That in itself is very exciting.

The mastermind behind the scenes is no other than Bang Bros. and if you have had anything to do with this giant porn network you at least know you will be satisfied with what they are delivering.

This Site is Hardcore

They deliver hardcore at its finest and this whole idea of scrambling chicks dying to get accepted into the sorority is evidence of that. The best part is, it is mostly very voyeuristic as loads of nasty girls watch their antics to see how good they are. Even if it is a blow job or taking a dildo in the ass.

There is also loads of actual sex too, so once you get tired of lesbian group sex, anal play and dildo play you can then move onto that.

There are various downloads and formats to watch this dirty smut on, including MP4, WMV, MPEGS and all in various sizes and resolutions depending on your broadband speed and computer capacity. Each video is lengthy as the action builds up and there are tons of photographs to look at afterwards.


This site is super horny, both on concept and the material it gives you. There is nothing left out in terms of fetish and genres. Anal, gang bangs, public sex, humiliation, adult teens and young chicks. A hardcore and fetish lovers dream site and it’s called Haze Her.