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Scoreland claims to have been in operation since 1992, presumably in the form of a magazine. For such an old company, you would think that they would be experts in the areas of adult entertainment, however, you would be wrong. The very first thing that greets you when you come to the site is a notification that asks you if you are over the age of eighteen. They left a woman with incredibly large breasts on the splash page, after all, this site is known for being home to some of the bustiest women in the business.

However, if you take a second look then you will realize that this woman is easily in her mid thirties, and is not the most attractive person in the world. When you get into the actual site you realize quickly that the name Scoreland was not an accident, the entire site is just as juvenile as the name suggests. The site has women with extra large breasts- and that is it. They have plenty of sex and different niches, but they keep trying to push amateur models as being professional simply because they have large boobs.

They should know that a site needs an attractive layout and search feature- both of which are absent from this site. Scoreland has some affiliate sites and the ability to buy DVDs from the site, but it is more in the style of videos that you would pick up in a discount video bin rather than the best that the internet is supposed to have to offer. If you are looking to become a member of this site then you will need a membership, most of which cost $14.99, which is 15 dollars too much for the quality of the layout that they have to offer, content is good however.

Overall, when factoring the Scoreland discount, this site still needs to make significant changes to their layout or else their twenty year streak will end in a very bad way because people today are interested in more than a pair of large breasts.